When you’re planning on renovating your house or building your property for the first time, flooring is always considered. There are different types of floor tiles and in order to see what’s best for your home, there are several things that you need to consider such as your house design, your budget and your location.

Carpet is one of the most widely used home flooring in Arizona and when you’re shopping around for home improvement products, you may have already noticed that there are different kinds of carpets. They have different looks and feel.  When you know little about it, you’d probably just buy anything that seem to look good. But carpets are manufactured in many ways from a wide selection of fibers. Knowing what carpets are made of can certainly help you choose the right carpet for your home.

Types of carpet

Cut Pile Carpets– these types of carpets are produced by cutting the yarn loops which creates upright pile, creating a very luxurious look.

  • Plush Pile- this type of carpet looks soft and delicate which make it appear formal. It comes with even short and twisted pile. It is also called velour carpet. It normally tracks footprints.
  • Saxony Pile- very similar to plush but with a slightly elevated pile. Its fibers are closely packed together for a more comfy feel.
  • Cut Pile Twist- this type has twisted pile which lies in several It doesn’t show footprints and is ideal for high traffic areas.
  • Frieze Pile- it comes with luxurious feel; very chic, informal and shaggy. It is usually made to last a lifetime. It’s made with high quality variations of thick and thin pile.

Loop Pile– the loops of this pile are uncut. It has as smooth feel and stylish sophisticated look. It can be manufactured with a combination of higher and lower loops.

  • Level Loop Pile- these carpets are made with durable and track resistance materials by intertwining even loops. It is very ideal for heavy traffic location because it is made with strong loops.
  • Multi-Level Loop Tile- AKA high-Low Loop Pile, it’s made using uneven loops. It is extremely hard-wearing and ideal for heavy trafficked areas.
  • Level Cut and Loop Pile- this is manufactured with a blend of level and cut pile creating a very distinctive look.
  • Textured Cut and Loop Pile- it made with distinct patterns. It is manufactured using a combination of level loop and cut pile for a more stylish and smoother look.

Carpets are perfect solution to avoid and prevent the impact of slips and falls around the house, most especially if you have kids around. Its beauty and value are priceless. What’s even more wonderful about carpets is that it is used nowadays as a wall decorations and as a sound insulators.  It is safe to use around the house even in a kids bedroom and playroom because today’s carpets are made with natural eco-friendly materials made to resist stains and fading.