There are different styles of kitchen flooring options for your Arizona home. Most homeowners know about the classic “or traditional” options i.e. tile, wood, carpet etc. When buying a home anywhere in Arizona, you may have to consider different types of flooring such as brick, rubber, concrete, and wood.  Builders are remodeling the home kitchens to increase comfort, charm, and value. This change is as a result of the popular open floor plans that seek to blend the kitchens and family rooms. According to a constructor, people are spending most of their time in the kitchen due to the warmth generated by the seamless variety of flooring choices.

Hardwood in Arizona

In Arizona, hardwood flooring has become a trend among homeowners. This major comeback makes the kitchen warm with a more inviting design. Today’s wood kitchen flooring requires that the house owner: ensures that wood floors are properly installed; durable wood is used; they abide by the recommended routine maintenance and use wood material that can be easily cleaned.

Buying pretreated wood in Arizona gives you a less smelly and messy installation. This type of wood, obtained from the factory, is treated with a tough sealer- polyurethane. According to wood flooring experts, resealing is required after every 5-6 year if wood is used in the kitchen. Wood floor finishing requires regular waxing and oiling to increase durability and give an antique look respectively. However, sealed wood floors do not require waxing, it can be easily cleaned using a broom or a mop.

Interior designers in Arizona are using wood materials like oak, cherry, pine, maple and hickory in the kitchen.  Treelike Tropical grasses like the bamboo, palm, and cork wood are also used in kitchen floors. These tropical wood are treated to withstand moisture mishap. The cork is mostly used around food prep areas due to its antimicrobial benefits.

Cork and Bamboo Flooring

Though cork is expensive as compared to vinyl material when flooring, but the investment is worth if you seek a cozy and warm kitchen environment. Depending on the type of wood, it will cost you $3-$8 per square foot of hardwood flooring installation. You can also get better deals from recycled materials that give your floor a weathered and ancient look.

The price of cork and bamboo installation is on the upper end- you will cough $1 – $2 more when considering bamboo over the cork, per square foot. Cork, bamboo, and recycled wood are environmentally friendly. Cork’s resilience prevents furniture scuffs and dents; its soft nature makes it water-resistant and comfortable. If you need a firm material that resists wrapping, go for bamboo.

Brick Flooring

If Arizona homeowners need something different in their kitchen, they want a tile-like feeling and durability and the best alternative for tiles is brick flooring.  This type of flooring is easy to maintain and can be installed just like the traditional tiles. Brick flooring is mostly used in vintage designs to bring out the cozy and vintage sentimentality. They do not show dirt and are indestructible when you have pets around. There are different options in brick pavers flooring: they come with different colors, texture and patterns. They are cheap and do not require grout maintenance compared to tile floorings.

Rubber Flooring

Arizona professional chefs have come to appreciate the use of commercial-grade features in kitchens when they discovered the advantages of rubber flooring. Today’s ecofriendly rubber is manufactured from used tires and comes with customizable color choices. Homeowners will appreciate the capability of rubber flooring in withstanding kitchen traffic. It is also durable and easy to clean. Rubber flooring provides good traction, that’s why it is recommended to homeowners that spend most of their time cooking.

You can buy rubber rolls or tiles in Arizona at $3 -$5/ square foot which is cheaper than linoleum flooring installation cost.

Concrete Flooring

In normal circumstance, this material has been used as a practical outdoor treatment. In most kitchens, it is used as a sub-flooring layer. This layer can be rehabbed into a stand-alone floor to increase its durability and aesthetic value. Concrete floors are suitable for underfloor radiant heating systems: they are slow to heat up and thus regulate the temperature of the kitchen. It is easy to clean, plus it is an anti- allergen porous flooring surface.

A concrete floor can be customized using an acid-staining process, which reacts uses acid to react with concrete to change its color; this reaction also makes concrete floors develop a permanent never-fading surface finish. The stained concrete can be used to form patterns or mosaic using different colors on the entire floor. The stain application allows you mimic other flooring techniques such as marbles, hardwood or tiles. To improve on sheen, the concrete finishing requires waxing and sealing. Maintaining this floor requires regular mopping and polishing.

The cost of installation ranges from $3 to $15 per square foot, depending on the following variables: type of sealant used, type of stain and the help obtained from an artisan- for patterns or decorative effects.

When buying or building a house in Arizona, it is important to consider certain factors mentioned above that will help you determine the flooring design of your choice. Matching your budget and the cost of installation will save you if your finances are constrained. To know what is common around you, get more information from interior designers and builders to share ideas on which material to use for your kitchen flooring. The above materials are some of the stylish options you will encounter in the market today.