Both types of tiles—concrete and terracotta—are excellent solutions for Arizona homes. However, it pays to know that there are distinct differences between the two.  So, to understand the differences, let’s define each.


Terracotta is derived from the word “baked earth” which simply means it is made of natural materials. It has been used for centuries both for building construction and decorations. It is wide used for so many reasons:

Durability-Terracotta tiles are durable; they last for a hundred years. Believe it or not, many ornaments and terracotta sculptures are still being discovered by archaeologists worldwide. One of the most remarkable creation made of clay is the epic terracotta army found in China which is considered to be the greatest archaeological discovery of the 20th century. “These terracotta army and horses” is believed to be made way back in 209 BC—proving that terracotta made materials can last beyond a lifetime.


Concrete tiles– are made of sand, water, and of pure cement which is why it lasts for many, MANY yeas as well. Like terracotta, concrete are used for decorative arts and construction. It has been found out that the first concrete-like buildings was made way back in 6500 BC by Nabataea merchants. Today, we can still see structures made of cement which were built thousands of years ago. One of these is best preserved dome called the Pantheon which was completed in 125 AD in Rome—a proof that concrete is indeed long-lasting.

Though this brief history, we can already say that both materials are indeed safe to use due to its durability. But what makes them distinct from one another?

Roof is a great investment. If this is your first time to build a home, you might as well choose the best option there is. Both terracotta and concrete tiles are great options for your roofing needs.

Differences between Concrete and Terracotta tiles

Concrete tiles

  • Concrete tiles are cheaper than terracotta, so if you’re on a tight budget, this could be a better choice.
  • It comes in different colors so if you love colorful roofs, this could be your best option.
  • Color made may easily depending on the weather and number of years.

Terracotta tiles

  • Terracotta tiles are more expensive. But, it is because it’s manufactured using 100% baked clay
  • It is earth-friendly, so choosing it would mean you’re doing your part as an ecologist.
  • The terracotta tiles color do not fade.

Similarities of Terracotta and Concrete tiles

Both tiles are expected to last for hundreds of years. They are perfect for cold temperature and resilient to frost. Destruction is unlikely to happen even in cold weather.

Both types of tiles are observed to significantly decrease the external noise because of its natural viscosity. The sound of an airplane or a helicopter passing or the sound of the rain are minimal.

Terracotta and concrete tiles are non-toxic which makes your whole family even your pets, safe!

Non- flammable- both tiles are non-combustible, so you can have peace of mind knowing fire can be avoided.

Both tiles are recommended in coastal areas because it can endure the wind and salty aquatic atmosphere.

Another good news is that both types of tiles are good heat and sound insulators. So, rest assured that when it snows, you wouldn’t need a heater which gives you more savings.

So, what else is great about terracotta and concrete tiles? Both tiles are made individually! What that means is, if one tile is damaged, you would only need to replace one tile, saving you a lot of money.

As mentioned, both terracotta and concrete tiles are great solutions for your Arizona roofing house needs. If you’re on a low budget right now, concrete tiles can be a good choice especially if you’re thinking of changing your roof colors every now and then. If money is not your highest concern, consider durability, eco-friendly made terracotta tiles.