Tile roofing was used in the Roman times, so it is the oldest form of roofing material for protection. They were later joined by sand-cast and concrete roofing tiles. It is common in warmer areas of the United States of America like Arizona. This Spanish comfort is described by the bright red clay tile roof.

Tile roofing in Arizona offers long-lasting protection against elements like UV rays and rainfall. It is estimated to have an average service life of 50 years; in fact, it can go up to 100 years depending on the maintenance. Therefore, they are the most enduring roofing materials in the roofing industry. But, even though they can withstand heat, cold, or rain, they are also known to be fragile in nature as they can break under great pressure. You will have to keep replacing them to achieve an airtight roof.

Tile roofs keep homes in Arizona appear with a rustic and warm elegance due to the complementing earth tones and natural settings. Its colors can match any home architecture and design. This aesthetics value does not come for free: it is an expensive product. You will need to spend on tile fitting, reinforcing and replacing the underlayment if you want maximum protection.

It is logic that the material used in making these tiles—clay, concrete, and sand—do not catch fire easily. However, the innovations in manufacturing thinner and lighter tiles do not erase that fact that it is heavier than other types of roofing materials. The stability of Clay and sand-cast tile roofing requires a solid underlayment, so you need professional tile roofer with a promising structural engineering design.

The durability of the hardened clay is attributed to its resistance to deterioration. When the tiles are exposed to more heat, they get harder to create a condition where the material is safe from the infiltration of termites, insects, mildews and other pests. This does not mean that you do not require maintenance. You will need to check your roof for broken tiles and provide repairs of the same to provide security and prevent further damage- professional service is required in this process since the tiles can break under a man’s weight.

The replacement of the underlayment, after 10 years, is an involving process that requires the removal of the tiles and then make your repairs. After fixing the underlayment the tiles are returned, so this can be a costly roofing practice in case damages occur during the replacement and removal processes.

In conclusion, the tile roofing is a smart choice for homeowners in Phoenix or anywhere else in Arizona. It is also advantageous when one is considering to sell his or her home in the tough home selling markets in the future. Tile roofing increases the value of your home.  Most of the preserved century-old house come with tile roofing in a very expensive offer.