If you’re looking to replace your floors, you have a wealth of options, including carpeting, slate, concrete, hardwood, and tile. That level of choice can feel overwhelming. Which option works best for your home and your family? Each has its own list of pros and cons, but tile flooring offers abundant benefits. It’s available in a wide range of colors, styles, and sizes. You can create patterns, play with colors and textures, and use tile to create the perfect personal aesthetic. With so many different styles, tile floors work with any décor, from rustic to elegant and all points in between.

However, tile is much more than a pretty face. After all, any type of flooring can look beautiful with the right amount of care and, sometimes, money. Keep reading to discover the many benefits of tile.

Tile Floors Are Low Maintenance

If you have better things to do with your time than clean floors, you’ll love the low maintenance nature of tile. For the most part, sweeping and spot cleaning keep your tile floors looking great. High traffic areas may require a weekly session with the mop, but low traffic areas don’t need much more attention than a broom or dust mop.

When it’s time for deep cleaning, you can use a small brush and some grout cleaner (wear gloves!). Unless your floors take a lot of abuse, though, you won’t need to do this more than once or twice a year. The tile itself maintains its integrity for years, thanks to the grout holding each tile in place. Every few years, just apply a sealant to help preserve your tile flooring.

Tile Stays Cool

When it’s warm outside, tile floors stay cool and even help keep the inside of your home cooler. Carpeting, on the other hand, retains heat and makes the house feel warmer. This is one of the reasons tile floors are so popular in warm climates like Arizona’s.

Tile Floors Are Allergy-Free

It’s unclear whether allergy problems are on the rise or if people simply have better knowledge of what causes their symptoms. Whatever the case, more and more people seem to suffer from allergies and other respiratory sensitivities. Unfortunately, our homes often contribute significantly to these symptoms. This is especially true in carpeted homes, which trap a variety of common allergens, including dust, pollen, and pet dander.

If anyone in your family suffers from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions, tile floors are the ideal solution. You can whisk away most allergy culprits with a broom, and a weekly application of the mop removes everything else.

Tile’s Durability and Pets

When it comes to durability, nothing beats tile. Carpeting becomes worn, especially in high traffic areas, and stains easily. Hardwood floors are susceptible to scratches and scuffs. Tile, however, is extremely resilient and, unless you drop a bowling ball on it, isn’t likely to crack or break. It also rarely stains, especially if you apply a protective sealant and spot-clean spills as soon as they happen.

If you have pets, you know how important this type of durability is. Even the best-trained dogs have the occasional accident. Paws leave marks on hardwood floors, particularly with larger breeds. Then, of course, there’s pet hair and dander, both of which settle into carpeting no matter how often you vacuum. With a tile floor, though, accidents wipe right off and sweeping gets rid of pet dander forever. If you’re looking to make a comfy spot for your furry pals, area rugs and dog beds do the trick. Although, when it’s hot outside, they love to lie directly on those nice, cool tiles.

Tile Is Versatile

Tiles come in an enormous variety of styles, materials, finishes, colors, and more. You can choose ceramic tiles, which are made of clay and hardened in a kiln. These can be made to look like just about any stone or even wood. Or, you can choose natural stone tiles, such as granite, marble, travertine, and quartz.

Each has its own unique look, with different finishes and textures. A honed finish gives your tiles a velvety appearance whereas a polished finish creates a glossy look. Tumbling makes tiles look aged, as does an antique brush finish.

Check out our article on natural stone tiles to appreciate the incredible versatility of tile flooring.

Tile Floors Are Cost-Effective

Ceramic tiles are one of the more affordable flooring options. However, even natural stone tiles tend to save you money over the long run, since tile floors last years longer than carpeting or wood flooring does. You also save money on upkeep and maintenance. For example, there’s no need for the professional deep cleaning that carpeting requires. Finally, adding a tile floor may also increase the value of your home, a handy addition come resell time.

The Bottom Line

Tile flooring is attractive, versatile, easy to maintain, and makes your whole home healthier. It’s particularly valuable in households with allergies or respiratory conditions, as well as if you have pets. You can find tile flooring to match any look or décor, and it may even increase the value of your home. Low-maintenance, affordable, attractive, and healthy – what more could you want in your flooring?