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Ocotillo Flooring Services has been serving Arizona for years and we guarantee your satisfaction. Our selection rivals the “big box” stores and our team of experienced flooring installers will make sure the carpet you pick for your home is installed right the first-time. If you’re looking to get new carpet flooring and you live in Metro-Phoenix and the surrounding areas, give us a call.

Carpet Flooring Benefits

The soft, tactile nature of carpet makes it one of the most popular types of flooring. Popular for bedrooms, family rooms, and hallways, carpet tends to be selected for comfort rather than durability. Parents consider carpeting a safe surface for children and according to the Carpet and Rug institute, may even prevent injury during falls. In addition, carpets help keep a room warm and absorbs sound better than other flooring.

Endless Options of Carpet for Your Home

Carpeting is available in a variety of fibers – such as acrylic, nylon, wool, and polyester – an array of colors and designs, and a range of pile depths including plush, Saxony, Berber, textured and frieze. Having so many choices can make it difficult to decide on what carpet is the best for your home. Choosing the wrong carpet can cause it to wear out quickly, fade, or become unsightly with stains you aren’t able to completely remove. To protect your financial investment, take the time to learn what carpet is best for your household’s needs.

For example, plush carpeting is thick and feels good on your bare feet. But it also shows every footprint, paw print, and any other print. Plush carpets that experience a lot of traffic can develop pooling, which refers to areas that appear shaded because the natural direction of the carpet fibers becomes reversed because of wear. Plush carpeting and the similar Saxony are designed for areas like formal living rooms and master bedrooms, which don’t get a lot of foot traffic.

Berber is a more muscular carpeting. It is extremely durable and its short fibers don’t show tracks, don’t stain as easily as plush, and hides dirt better. There is a reason Berber is often the carpet of choice for high-traffic areas like dens, living rooms, front hallways, and kids’ bedrooms. Similarly, the fibers in textured carpeting are cut to different length so they will reflect light. That little optical trick makes it difficult to see dirt or foot tracks.

You can think of friezes as a kind of hybrid. Like a plush, it’s soft but like a Berber effectively hides track marks and dirt.

Padding is Important & Can Make a Big Difference

An important aspect of carpeting is the padding. While it may be tempting to skimp on padding as a cost-cutting move, to extend the life of your carpeting and keep it looking good, quality padding is crucial. Inadequate padding will result in your carpeting wearing out sooner. In addition to keeping the carpet backing and fibers from wearing coming apart over time padding is intended to conceal subfloor imperfections to improve the carpet’s appearance and adds a layer of insulation to the room.

Also, avoid the one-size-fits-all mentality. In other words, don’t use the same carpet for your entire house. Pick the carpet the space calls for. Spending the time to select the right carpeting upfront will pay dividends for years to come.