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Our team of flooring professionals is among the best in the valley! If you’re looking for value, there’s no better option in flooring – it’s something we guarantee. Our experienced team of professionals can work with you to pick out the best flooring for your needs, and our hand-picked installation team will ensure your tile flooring is installed right and on-time. Call Ocotillo Flooring Services today for amazing financing and unbeatable customer service!

Arizona Tile Flooring Options

Tiles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and can have matte, embossed, and glazed finishes. Tile has traditionally been a common flooring for kitchens, bathrooms, and foyers because it is easy to clean, stain resistant, colorfast, fire-resistant, and durable. Unlike carpets, tile does not absorb odor; unlike wood tile doesn’t expand and contract due to temperature or humidity changes. All those advantages has made tile a popular flooring choice for other rooms of the house as well as outdoor walkways and patios.

There are different types of tile used for flooring. Ceramic tiles are made of clay and hardened by “cooking” the tiles in a kiln using high heat. In their raw state, tiles are extremely porous and would basically fall apart with any significant or extended exposure to liquid. So the tiles are glazed, which means adding a waterproof layer to the tiles. It is also possible to add a non-slip application to help prevent falls, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms. You can also opt for textured tiles, which are designed to be non-slip.

Tiles made only of clay are called nonporcelain. Porcelain ceramic tiles contains various minerals. Feldspar, for example, is added to create a glassier texture. In general, porcelain tiles are more durable and less porous than their nonporcelain counterparts. Light-colored porcelain ceramic tiles tend to better hide scratches and chips. The upside to ceramic tiles include affordability and is easy to clean. However, ceramic may become discolored as it ages.

Natural Tile Flooring

Floor tiles can also be made of natural quarried stone such as travertine granite, marble, slate, and travertine. Many homeowners like natural stone because of their natural uniqueness. You can purchase polished tile or a honed finish, which is less slippery when wet and so a safer choice against slips and falls. The advantages of stone are its durability, uniqueness, and aesthetic appeal. The potential downside is stone is a costlier option and naturally porous so it needs to be regularly sealed.

Unlike carpeting, tile flooring is unforgiving should you drop anything fragile, such as a glass, it will likely break. Plus, there is a chance your tile may be chipped if the item is heavy enough. Should that happen you may need to replace the tile, so be sure to ask our sales team for the best tile for your needs.

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining a tile floor is relatively easy: regular sweeping or vacuuming followed by a damp mop will keep the tile clean and in good condition. Avoid using any kind of abrasive cleaners that could scratch the surface. If you have babies or toddlers, be sure to use a chemical-free cleaner to ensure they don’t get chemicals on their hands and body.